“For me, I joined the club because I wanted to give back to the community I live in. What I wasn’t expecting was all of the great women I would meet and all of the friendships that would develop out of my involvement with the Progress Club. It’s not only within the women’s club here, but we form great connections with the men’s club in Halifax and other clubs within the region and across the country. There is definitely a social component to our club and we have a Social Committee that organizes opportunities for us to get together and have a great time – for all the hard work we do. Whether its meeting for a glass of wine, a BBQ in the summer, or a sleigh ride in the winter – the fellowship that all of us feel towards each other is one of the rewards that stands out for me as a Club Member.”
– Katherine (current Member)
  • Our goal is to assist others in need and to encourage fellowship while working together as a team. Fellowship is about extending friendship and support to others, whether it is in our own club, in other Progress clubs, or in the community.
  • Halifax Citadel members enjoy fellowship at social events, fundraising events, community service projects and more.
  • Inter-clubbing events promote attendance and participation in other Progress Club and community functions such as the Big Spring Auction, the Celebrity Sports Dinner, Special Olympics Dinner, etc.
  • Conventions are held at the National and Regional levels.

Clubs are encouraged to attend other Progress Club meetings. This provides an opportunity to interact with fellow Progressians, share information, and—most importantly—have fun!