Who We Support

CPC Halifax Citadel members are committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community in which we live, most notably for women and children. Since 1989, we have supported Phoenix Youth Programs annually from the proceeds of Progress Women of Excellence Awards. Phoenix Youth offers homeless youth an opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness.

We help foster the cause of the physically, mentally and socially handicapped through Special Olympics and currently assist other community needs such as Alice Housing, Adsum House, and Homebridge Youth Society.

Community Service:

As a club we are mandated to do a collective 300 hours of community service a year – but we exceed that every year and this year we’ll do over 1000!

The volunteering is a big part of the reason many of us join the club as we want to be directly involved with the people we support.

We have a committee that coordinates volunteer opportunities for the club, and it’s incredible the variety of things we get to participate in. Some examples of things we’ve done this year include:

Phoenix – Cooking dinners for the youth or having a fun evening out with bowling and pizza

Habitat for Humanity – A number of us spent a Saturday helping to build a home for a deserving family.

ARK Sunday suppers – We cook dinners for the Sunday suppers and help serve food to the homeless

At Christmas we have a number of events including:

  • We bring in Christmas cards and stamps to the ARK Sunday supper for the homeless or less fortunate so that they can send cards to their loved ones

  • We make stockings for the Phoenix youth

  • Wrapping presents for Feed NS

  • We sing carols at the Veteran’s memorial hospital

  • We deliver turkeys to families in need

  • Collect toys for children who will be spending Christmas in half-way houses

And a variety of others such as:

  • Special Olympics dinners

  • Selling raffle tickets at charity dinners or the Mooseheads games

There’s always something for everyone and the variety of work we do makes us feel like we’re making an impact all over the community.

Phoenix Youth Programs

Phoenix is a non-profit, community based organization located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We offer at-risk and homeless youth, ages 12 – 24, the opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness and find a path from the street. Since its inception in 1987, we have developed an extensive variety of programs and services to address the individual needs of each client.

Their primary innovative feature is the continuum of care provided throughout our ten programs and services including: prevention, crisis assistance, emergency shelter, long-term supportive and structured living, independent living, personal skill development, education, health services, and after care services.


HomeBridge Youth Society

HomeBridge Youth Society is a charitable, non-profit organization that has six residential, youth caring facilities throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality, as well as a school program. With the support of CPC Halifax Cornwallis, HomeBridge is able to offer the Expressions Program of the Arts to its youth, which includes sessions in Art, Music Therapy, and Circus Skills, as well as Master Classes and Photography.  The Expressions Program of the Arts focuses on building creative foundations by providing these youths with safe spaces to be curious, creative, and experience success. By inspiring creativity with the support of the program facilitators, developmental gaps that were likely missed in the early years of these youths’ lives are filled. This creates a stronger foundation for future success, and has a profound impact on these young persons who have all experienced significant trauma and need extra support as they move through adolescence.   


Alice Housing

A lifeline to many women and children in our community, Alice Housing has been successfully operating for 33 years. They provide safe shelter, counselling and support to women and children escaping domestic violence. The CPC Halifax Cornwallis is proud to support the operation of their four key programs which are Safe Housing, Live Safe, Healing the Bruises and Community Navigator. Safe Housing provides affordable housing with extensive security features including alarm systems and external cameras. Live Safe offers counselling to women in an individual or group setting. Healing the Bruises is an innovative support program for children and teens. Community Navigator provides resources for women both during and after their time at Alice Housing. This program also puts on outreach initiatives in the community that focus on education and prevention of domestic violence.


Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre is the only sexual assault centre in HRM and the only organization to offer services that are specifically trauma-informed/specific to sexual assault/abuse survivors.  With the support from CPC Halifax Cornwallis, the Centre will use the funding specifically for direct services to clients. In 2017/18, Avalon wants to offer 4 groups that cover various stages of the healing process and address trauma effects and post traumatic impacts stemming from past sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. The impact of the Group Counselling Program is to prevent or lessen the negative effects on the mental health of survivors of sexualized violence.


Ward 5

Ward 5 Neighborhood Centre is a voluntary non-profit organization located on Russell Street in Halifax.   Ward 5 has provided programs and services for children and their families (as well as the community) and have done so for 45 years.  Specifically, they prepare hundreds of meals weekly for children (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks), and it is with help from organizations such as CPC Halifax Cornwallis, that they are able to continue to offer this.


Chisholm Services

Chisholm Services for Children is the only trauma-informed community based residential program in Nova Scotia available to children under the age of 12 years old in care of Nova Scotia’s Department of Community Services.  Where children brought into care of the province often present with attachment disruption and symptoms of surviving abuse and neglect, it is important to use play and recreation as an opportunity for the children to catch up on missed milestones resulting from the trauma, while honing positive coping skills to reduce their trauma symptoms on their current and future wellbeing.  With the support of CPC Halifax Cornwallis, Chisholm is able to engage with a certified Recreation Therapist from the IWK who can assist in advising on the recreation programming and support training at Chisholm.  With this, Chisholm will heighten its organizational capacity to provide even more comprehensive, child-focused, trauma-informed treatment program for the children in their care.



Family SOS

Family SOS is a local non-profit, child cantered organization directed toward building strong and healthy families.  With the support of CPC Halifax Cornwallis, Family SOS is able to offer the Children’s Program, which provides opportunities for grown and development in a fund and interactive environment for children (ages 6-12 years) from marginalized communities.  The goal of the program is the enhancement of self-esteem, literacy skills, healthy relationships, and pro-social choices in children, which is necessary in the enhancement of good mental health.  Family SOS initiatives are designed to support children in all areas of their lives: in home, in school and in the community.  Their initiatives include Healthy Kidz, Keeping Kids Safe in a Cyber World, and In-Home Parenting Support.



Special Olympics Nova Scotia

Special Olympics is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with an intellectual disability.

Special Olympics and Paralympics are two separate and distinct organizations. Special Olympics is unique in providing sports opportunities for individuals with different levels of intellectual disabilities. Paralympics provides sports opportunities for elite athletes with a physical handicap.

Special Olympics is open to every intellectually disabled person, regardless of the level or degree of that person’s disability, and whether or not that person also has other physical disabilities.


Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation

Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (CPCF) was registered as a Non Profit Corporation for charitable purposes in 1968 to support the charitable objectives and purposes of the Canadian Progress Club (CPC). It is recognized by CRA as a” charitable organization” pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada).

In 1986, the members of CPC, looking to find common ground and a uniting focus for all clubs across Canada to use the resources of CPCF to support Special Olympics. A goal was set to raise $1 million to be kept in an endowment fund for that purpose. From that fund periodic (now annual) donations to SOC have been and will continue to be made. Monies donated have assisted the Canadian Special Olympians to attend the International Games by helping purchase uniforms and offsetting travel costs. The $1 million goal was reached in 2005 at the CPC National Convention in Saskatoon – a very proud moment for all Progressians. CPC, through CPCF, is now not just a sponsor but has become a partner with Special Olympics, and that relationship helps to strengthen the commitment to and otherwise benefits both organizations. Currently, Special Olympics Canada holds training camps for athletes, coaches and support staff that are funded by the donation received from CPCF.

The resources of CPCF are available to assist those in need in all communities across this great country where there is a CPC presence. CPCF charitable purposes place a strong focus on persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, but other purposes are also well recognized and supported. You can be a part of all of this by contributing to Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (CPCF).

The resources of CPCF are generated from funds raised by the chartered Canadian Progress Clubs located across Canada, and their members and sponsors. Money is also raised by individual and corporate donations.